7 Things that will help you when moving to  Germany

7 Things that will help you when moving to Germany

Moving to a new country is such an exciting experience but it takes some time to settle in and understand the new customs and bureaucracy. Which germans love. We have listed 7 things that we found helpful when moving to Germany first. We did not include how to apply for visas as there are many different options depending on the counry that you are moving from. As we both are EU citizens we did not have to go through the process of applying for a visa. For the time being, we have moved in with family and as such we also did not have to look for our own new apartmet. But this is a project for the future and we will of course keep you also posted about this.

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Offbeat Louisburgh

Offbeat Louisburgh

We were thinking for the last couple of weeks what would be a good post to start our blog with and after being away for a weekend in Louisburgh we find that the experience we had is worthy of being our first post as we had an absolutely magical and amazing experience that we want to share with you. So here it goes:

Sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon watching “The Rain” on Netflix (we are still unsure if we like the show or not), suddenly, Tracie’s phone started ringing and a lovely guy Shane asked if we are still coming to The Atlantic Lodge in Louisburgh for our weekend trip which we had booked a couple of weeks ago. I could see the panic in Tracie’s face as she said: “Oh did I not cancel this? I booked it online and it completely went out of my mind.” After a short conversation it was clear we either had to go or let our booking fee go to waste by being lazy and watching more Netflix. It was clear we could not do the latter and as such we rushed to pack our things and hopped into the car for a 4 hour drive to Louisburgh, Co. Mayo.

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