Christmas Gift Planner

Welcome to our first ever Blogmas. We are very excited about this and hope you can enjoy some of our posts.

For the first day we thought it may be nice to give you a printable Christmas Gift Planner. Here are some reasons why we think it is handy to have one:

It helps you to stick to your budget

While it is nice to spend money on your loved ones, to give them something that makes them happy, you dont want to get yourself into debt. Homemade presents might be cheaper but depending on what project you are doing the materials can also be pricey. We have set ourselves a clear budget that we have tried to stick to as much as possible for the last few years and it has worked out very well. We also checked in with our family to match the money we want to spend on each other. Of course there can be years where the budget might be a bit lower than others but that is no problem. We found it just made shopping for the presents a lot more enjoyable.

It helps you brainsstorm ideas

Sometimes it is so easy to fit the perfect gift for a person and other times it takes forever to find the right thing. In this planner we have included a section where you have space to write down your ideas to help you get sorted. Or maybe a person has a wish that you don’t want to forget about?

It helps you stay on track

Oh the lovely romantic time before Christmas; isn’t it just so nice! All the lights, laughing people in the streets, mulled wine at a Christmas market. But is this always the reality of it?!? Running around, chaos, last minutue presents and maybe even a fight, because it all just gets too much. It is hard sometimes to try and avoid getting stressed. In the end you just want to have a nice Chistmas day and enjoy the time. We have tried not to do any last minute presents and to see what we have already gotten and what presents we stll have to organise. For us it is much more relaxed that way.

We hope that you can find the planner useful and we would love to hear from you in the comments about how you get yourself organised with all these presents to be made.


Tracie and Lorina

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