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Hi there,

It has been quite a while since our last post. We have moved to our own apartement after living with family for almost a year. It took us a while to get settled into our new home and to feel comfortable. Now that we live here for the last 4 months we feel good and are ready to get back into the blogging again. (Not that we have done much of it yet!! :D)

I have done a lot of reading about how to create your own blog and what you need to consider. Some might say a blog is dead if it does not have so many visitors a day or week or month. I find this to be a tricky thing with small personal blogs. I guess it has a lot to do with what you want to achieve with the blog. As for us, we just want to share some thoughts and things we find enjoyable. Almost like a blog from the early days but maybe with a more exciting design to it. We want to use this as a kind diary of our travels and the activities we are doing. If we can reach just even one person and they find our posts to be useful or entertaining, thats abolutely awesome.

I really don’t want to abandon this website as I have so many ideas that I want to fill it with. It doesn’t matter if we have 3 or 3000 visitors a day. Even if it would just be a page for me and Tracie to look back on and relive some good memories. I am questioning myself at the mintue why I am not just sitting down to write a post. I know there is the aspect of time and effort you have to spend to create posts as you do this as a hobby without getting compensation. But as this website is solely for recreational purposes; not to make money with it, we are not under any pressure that these posts have to be brilliant or super regular and can post what we feel like. So can a blog that functions like this ever truly be dead? Sometimes when I sit in the car on my commute home I think to myself what I could post and I am getting ideas and feel excited over it. When the time comes to sit down and actually write something up I do everything possible to procrastinate. And suddenly 1 month, 2 months,3 months flew by and not one single post was written. So, if there is a “new year” resolution for myself it will be to get things I enjoy doing done and take the time to actually do them. Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to do stuff in the evening after a days’ work. But each day that I take the time to actually do something I really want and enjoy, even if it is only for 15 minutes, I feel much better within myself and have a much more positive ooutlook on the following day.

So having said all this and rambled on for a bit, Tracie and I want to use the Advent time to really get into a habit of posting. To get more confindet in writing and taking pics and figuring out how we want to create this blog for 2020. We want to spend more time on this blog, as this is something we enjoy.

We are looking forward to the next month.

Sending you christmassy feelings

Lorina and Tracie

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