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Today we have a little St Nicholas poem for you. In German we celebrate the life of St. Nikolaus on the 6th of December. Children put their shoes outside the front door the evening before and the next day there will be some small presents in the shoe like nuts, mandarins and chocolates.

When I was a child we would always put our wishlist into the shoe aswell for Nikolaus to pick it up and hand it on to the “Christkind” who brought the presents on Christmas eve.

St Nicholas or (St Nikolaus in German) was an early Christian bishop who lived in Myra from about 15th March 270 to 6th of December 343. His legendary habit of secret gift-giving built the model for Santa Clause as we know him today.

So here we have a traditional German children poem with the english translation.

Holler boller Rumpelsack,
Nikolaus trägt ihn huckepack.
Weihnachtsnüsse gelb und braun,
Runzlig, punzlig anzuschau’n.
Knackt die Schale, springt der Kern
Weihnachtsnüsse ess ich gern.
Komm bald wieder in dies’ Haus
guter alter Nikolaus.

Holler Boller Christmassack,
Nicholas carries it on his back.
Filled with nuts in bown and yellow,
this has made me feel all mellow.
Cracks the shell,
Reveals the seed,
I like to eat this Christmas treat.
Nicholas you good man,
come to visit soon again.

Tracie and Lorina

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